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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: best supported hypervisor
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 13:22:07 GMT

I would say XenServer is the best supported hypervisor with KVM rapidly catching up.  This
is mainly because I've known quite a few XS production deployments.  

You'll find a lot of community members are on KVM and since it's been open to apache, there's
been a lot of contribution in KVM in terms of bringing it up to date with the latest Ubuntu
release etc and software features.  I think if you're looking for the latest advances in technology,
KVM is probably even earlier than XS.  

I don't think you'll go wrong with either hypervisor.

As for SDN in your other thread, I will let Hugo speak to Nicira's readiness.  There's also
a desire to bring OVS to production level in the near future.


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> Subject: Re: best supported hypervisor
> On 10.01.2013 03:50, Mathias Mullins wrote:
> > Nux,
> >
> > What your use case? Are you trying a pay for hypervisor, or
> > OpenSource? What are the top 5 features you are looking for?
> >
> > That makes a difference in the question.
> >
> > Matt
> Hello Mathias,
> I prefer open source, kvm+libvirt whenever possible; I have worked with
> xen/xenserver before though and I could give it a try once again if it
> checks all the boxes.
> At the end of the day I want a solution that is reliable; to be honest
> I almost went with Openstack in production, but there're some
> show-stoppers for me, like 1:1 NAT which simply does not work for
> everyone no matter how excited they  get about it.
> So what I'm hoping from cloudstack is:
> - able to assign public IPs to VMs
> - not trap me in the 4094 vlan limit (hence the need for gre or smth
> else)
> - ipv6 (i understand this is coming in 4.1)
> - decent upgradability, so next `yum update` won't make the wheels fall
> off
> Of course, now that I've been reading/watching stuff about Cloudstack I
> discovered all sorts of nice stuff that I want, like multiple types of
> primary storage etc.
> Any pointers?
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