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From Trevor Francis <>
Subject Configuring Ceph in Cloudstack
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:23:56 GMT
So, I have now gotten my hosts (KVM) and first ceph box built.

For the KVM hosts I did a regular apt-get install qemu-kvm (which according to the latest
docs, has RBD built in) and manually installed libvirtd 0.10.2. 

What I am confused on is how to I attach it to Cloudstack. 

I have added a primary storage and selected RBD..... However, I dont know what the following
arguments are supposed to be:

Rados Monitor
Rados Pool
Rados User
Rados Secret

I assume the Rados Monitor is the IP of my Ceph server, but I dont know what the rest are.

I have a plain jane vanilla install of Ceph and it is currently showing "Health OK"


Trevor Francis
46 Labs | PeerEdge Cloud Switch (PeCS) |
720-214-3643- Voice
Solutions Provider for the Telecom Industry


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