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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Zone 1 is not ready to launch console proxy yet
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 02:58:17 GMT
So what is the result of the below SQL query if  you run it by hand?
Use data_center.allocation_state = 'Enabled'

On 11/29/12 9:54 AM, "Jeff Reed" <> wrote:

>Hey folks,
>I'm having a problem after upgrading from cloudstack 3.0.2 to 4.0.  I
>followed the instructions here:
>I've upgraded the agent machines from CentOS 6.2 to CentOS 6.3 and all
>packages are current, and am running KVM as the hypervisor.  The
>management server isn't running as an agent.  There are two machines
>running as agents.  I have a mishmash of hardware, but all CPUs are AMD
>I used the convenience packages from
> to do the upgrade.
>I have everything running, except for the system vms.  Neither the
>console proxy nor the secondary storage VMs are running, or even seem to
>try to start.  I can start VMs from my templates, and everything seems to
>work fine, but (obviously) the console proxy doesn't work, and machines
>that require secondary storage won't work (but I don't currently have any
>of those).
>The related messages from the server:
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,261 TRACE [db.Transaction.Connection]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Creating a DB connection with  no txn:  for 0:
>dbconn1086427264. Stack:
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,261 TRACE [db.Transaction.Statement]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Preparing: SELECT,,
>data_center.description, data_center.dns1, data_center.dns2,
>data_center.internal_dns1, data_center.internal_dns2,
>data_center.router_mac_address, data_center.guest_network_cidr,
>data_center.domain_id, data_center.domain, data_center.networktype,
>data_center.dns_provider, data_center.dhcp_provider,
>data_center.gateway_provider, data_center.vpn_provider,
>data_center.userdata_provider, data_center.lb_provider,
>data_center.firewall_provider, data_center.mac_address,
>data_center.zone_token, data_center.removed,
>data_center.allocation_state, data_center.uuid,
>data_center.is_local_storage_enabled FROM data_center WHERE
>data_center.allocation_state = ?  AND data_center.removed IS NULL
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,264 TRACE [db.Transaction.Statement]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Closing:
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,264 TRACE [db.Transaction.Connection]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Closing DB connection: dbconn1086427264
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,264 DEBUG
>[cloud.consoleproxy.ConsoleProxyManagerImpl] (consoleproxy-1:null) Zone 1
>is not ready to launch console proxy yet
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,265 TRACE [utils.db.GlobalLock] (consoleproxy-1:null)
>lock consoleproxy.scan.lock is returned to free state, total holding time
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,265 TRACE [utils.db.GlobalLock] (consoleproxy-1:null)
>lock consoleproxy.scan.lock is released, lock count :0
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,267 TRACE [utils.db.GenericDaoBase]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Select SQL: SELECT, stack_maid.msid,
>stack_maid.thread_id, stack_maid.seq, stack_maid.cleanup_delegate,
>stack_maid.cleanup_context, stack_maid.created FROM stack_maid WHERE
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,267 TRACE [utils.db.GenericDaoBase]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Remove SQL: No remove sql
>2012-11-29 09:44:56,267 TRACE [utils.db.GenericDaoBase]
>(consoleproxy-1:null) Select by Id SQL: SELECT,
>stack_maid.msid, stack_maid.thread_id, stack_maid.seq,
>stack_maid.cleanup_delegate, stack_maid.cleanup_context,
>stack_maid.created FROM stack_maid WHERE = ?
>The systemVM was downloaded from
>2 when my cloud was originally set up (which incidentally is the same as
>given in the installation instructions for 4.0-incubator).
>The system VM shows in the database as being DOWNLOADED:
>            id: 3
>       host_id: 2
>   template_id: 3
>       created: 2012-10-24 23:56:42
>  last_updated: 2012-11-27 12:04:05
>        job_id: NULL
>  download_pct: 100
>          size: 725811200
> physical_size: 725811200
>download_state: DOWNLOADED
>     error_str: NULL
>    local_path: NULL
>  install_path: 
>           url: 
>     destroyed: 0
>       is_copy: 0
>My 3.0.2 CS installation ran perfectly since I set it up, but I'd really
>like to get 4.0-incubator up and running correctly.
>I've googled and tried pretty much everything I've found (which isn't
>much), but to no avail.  I can't find any reason that the management
>server thinks the zone isn't ready to launch the system VMs.  I've
>restarted the pod, the cluster, the hosts in the cluster, the zone, but I
>still have the issue.
>Any help would be appreciated.

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