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From Ioan Eugen Stan <>
Subject Axemblr Provisionr
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 15:01:46 GMT
Hello CloudStack users,

I have an important announcement to make.

We just open-sourced Axemblr Provisionr [1] - a simple service for
managing pools of 10s or 100s of virtual machines - under Apache
Software License v2.

With Provisionr we want to solve the problem of cloud portability by
hiding completely the API and only focusing on building a cluster that
matches the same set of assumptions on all clouds, assumptions like:
running a specific operating system (e.g. Ubuntu LTS), having the same
set of pre-installed packages and binaries, sane dns settings (forward
& reverse ip resolution - as needed for Hadoop), ntp settings,
networking settings, ssh admin access, vpn access etc.

Can provision 10s or 100s of virtual machines across multiple clouds
Fully persistent granular internal workflows based on Activiti
The application server can be restarted at any time with no impact
Has a modular architecture based on OSGi and Apache Karaf
Can be used as an interactive tool or as a REST service (work in progress)

CloudStack support is in the works and will be  shortly. Until then
you can get a feel of how it's supposed to work by testing against
Amazon EC2. We are committed to make the experience the same,
regardless of the cloud platform.

If you are interested in this tool please don't hesitate to ask,
especially if you are a CloudStack provider.

Best regards,


Ioan Eugen Stan / CTO /

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