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From Trevor Francis <>
Subject System VMs bad Keys
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2012 06:03:00 GMT
I have recently completely rebuilding cloudstack and a kvm hypervisor from scratch to determine
if there is an issue with my system or with the latest Ubuntu cloudstack build.

Currently, cloudstack builds bad systems VMs, to the point that they aren't pingable, nor
can they be accessed by their internal IP:

I run a: ssh -i /root/.ssh/ -p 3922 root@
and receive a: Permission denied (public key)

I looked at the mysql database for the keys and compared them against the keys on the hypervisors.
They do not match.

There has to be a problem with the builds, as I have been able to replicate this multiple
times on completely fresh builds. 

UB 12.04 on both HV and Cloustack hosts. Running normal apt-get install cloud-agent and cloud-client


Trevor Francis
46 Labs | PeerEdge Cloud Switch (PeCS) |
720-214-3643- Voice
Solutions Provider for the Telecom Industry

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