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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: Request for cloudstack-qa mailing list and QA Scrum call
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 23:46:37 GMT
On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 04:58:35AM +0530, Sudha Ponnaganti wrote:
> One of the concerns is that QA may not feel comfortable to discuss
> all the QA topics in Dev mailing list. 
> Would like to attract QA community to contribute more than just
> testing - development of tools and adoption of automation. 
> As is QA is not participating frequently and current dedicated
> effort is to accelerate that. I am not sure if that would be
> successful or not but I sense that QA is not feeling comfortable to
> discuss QA topics in Dev mailing lists. Several times QA folks are
> being nudged to post on dev mailing lists from few folks
> participated in 4.0 QA effort. That is why I thought this approach
> might help. 

All folks should be welcome and feel comfortable mailing the lists.
I think a tag [QA] marking testing concerns can simplify the process
for devs who might not be interested in following up on the topic.
IMO right now the difficulty is in rounding up folks for a test
process that works asynchronously across timezones. As a test
contributor I don't see a clear QA process which makes it confusing
for me to begin. 

Some of the difficulties can be that:

QA requires sufficient HW to test some of this stuff. Ilya is one
person I've seen come forward to test features proposed. Which is why
I suggest the users lists. But I see Alex's point about nightly
builds. That can be simplified too IMO with tags on the email. But if
discussions can be kept in -dev and developers don't mind, I'm all for
it as well.

QA can in fact participate in reviewing features that are being
proposed on dev lists. They are good judges of the feature and its
requirement and how it fits in to the stack.

There are also various kinds of test groups which we don't quite
recognize. All of them help us with the QA of the stack:

Test groups can be:
1. unittest writers
2. feature reviewers
3. automated integration tests
4. Doc bug and review
5. Those verifying bugs raised in release cycles.
6. CI and infra

Would be really nice to see all the folks come together and figure out
how to unite the QA effort.


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