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From Matty Courtney <>
Subject Re: Create instance
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2012 22:56:22 GMT
You can create instances as large as your hardware allows.

Note that the CPU speed is per vCPU, not a cumulative total, and your
underlying hardware must have physical cores large enough to accommodate a
vCPU. To get a VM that has 20GHz total you might create a service offering
with 8 vCPUs that are 2.5GHz each, unless you have a CPU with a 20GHz core

On 26/11/12 3:25 AM, "Никита Миронов" <> wrote:

>Is it possible to create an instance with high settings? For example, 20
>Ghz CPU and 16GB Memory.
>Instantses standard characteristics is created without problems.

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