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From Michael Hart-Jones <>
Subject ICMP traffic will not traverse
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2012 16:50:21 GMT
I am having an issue with my servers. The setup is as follows

_Management Server, Host1 and Host2_
Centos 6.2
Cloudstack 3.0.2

The server was setup by a collegue who has left since but I have noticed 
that we do not have the ability to send ICMP traffic to our virtualised 
hosts, prime example being ping.
I can see he has setup basic networking, and I do not have the time to 
try and change this over.  I have tried to setup the security policies 
to allow it but I cannot get any response.  Has anyone got any ideas 
where I should start looking?

Michael Hart-Jones BEng 		
E-Mail: <>
Tel: (01227) 750555
Fax: (01227) 750070

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