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From Nik Martin <>
Subject recovering VMs in a cluster
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2012 16:19:20 GMT

I upgraded the nics in my HVs to 10g, and this required a reinstall of 
Xenserver, which had the trickle down effect of trashing my cluster. I 
can't launch SSVMs until I delete and re-add the cluster, which will 
re-initialize all primary storage as well. Will snapshots I've taken be 
restor-able in a new cluster? I cant even convert the snapshots to 
templates, since I cant launch an SSVM.  All the volumes I want to 
restore appear to be saved as snapshots, but I don't think those 
snapshots are any good without the original volume.

What options do I have before deleting my primary storage in the process 
of re-creating the cluster?  Since I don't have an SSVM, I'm not sure 
what I can do.  Even if I could mount the volumes and just rsync the 
data off, that would be "good enough".


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