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From Andreas Vogler <>
Subject Creating secondary storgae VM fails on XCP 1.5 with "Unable to find partition containing kernel"
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 07:40:35 GMT

I tried setting up Cloudstack 4.0.0 on XCP 1.5. I already worked around the problem, that
the Xen template has to be renamed but now I'm stuck at the point where the secondary storage
VM should start. As far as I can tell the main error message is

[Traceback (most recent call last):,   File "/usr/bin/pygrub", line 850, in ?,     raise RuntimeError,
"Unable to find partition containing kernel", RuntimeError: Unable to find partition containing
kernel, ]

I couldn't find any reference to wether XCP 1.5 is really supported but as far as I can tell
it should work. Is this a bug in XCP 1.5 or is this a problem related to Cloudstack. Or is
it possible that I configured something the wrong way (I tried to keep as close as possible
to the official docs for XenServer).

Thanks for any help

  Andreas Vogler

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