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From jerry jiang. 蒋维 <>
Subject Re: Feature requests
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 01:38:22 GMT
Hello all,

I am looking for the feature that we called v2c (migrating
existing vms to cloudstack) in cloudstack.

Currently, most of organizations have deployed virtualization for
their infrastructure, eg using vcenter to manage the VMs.

when they decide to move to cloud using cloudstack or other cloud
framework, they expect the VMs under vcenter can to moved to cloud.

So, does cloudstack provide this features or tools to do the
migration cleanly?


Feature description

Why you want it? Whats the USE-CASE ?

Priority (10 = most important, 1 = least important)

Multiple IP per instance

Allocate more than one IP to a nic


 Use vmware snapshots

 Allows quicker usage


 Resource increase

Like on onapp if resources are overused allow upgrade by automation


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