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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject RE: New DevCloud Appliance
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 13:12:12 GMT
Jerry, you should select option 3 which is the default.
If it did not work, then you'll probably have to create your own DevCloud.
I recommend you install VirtualBox, it's only about 80-100MB, is freely available and very
easy to use.

PS. Please email on the list so everyone can participate
From: jerry jiang. 蒋维 []
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 2:57 PM
To: Rohit Yadav
Subject: Re: New DevCloud Appliance

Hello Rohit,

I am new to use the devcloud2.

I downloaded your ova file, and import it into vmware workstation,
which is deployed on windows(laptop)

when I power on the virtual appliance, I found 3 below options in the
        1) debian kernel 3.2
        2) debian kernel 3.2 (recovery mode)
        3) xen 4.1

which option I should select to proceed?

I try to the option 1 and 3, both failed. The error show as
"/dev/disk/by-uuid/c18fd62e-7d840...  does not exit.

and then provide me the initramfs shell


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From: "Rohit Yadav" <>
Sent: 星期三, 2012年 11 月 28日 上午 10:08:02
Subject: New DevCloud Appliance

I finally got the new DevCloud appliance working and tested in different appliances, thanks
to Prasanna. The new appliance can be used both as a all in a box solution like the original
DevCloud or you can run mgmt server and mysql on your host os and use it as a Xen server host
and NFS infrastructure. It's about 862MB, and the whole setup can run within 1G RAM if you
disable console proxy vm from global settings, also you may run multiple DevClouds.

It's available for download from:

More details on the blog:

Please try the new appliance and report any issues.
Also help write a page on cwiki.a.o. Thanks.

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