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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject RE: Changing the default URL
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 14:16:54 GMT
James, I think it's a good way to use a load balance like nginx which would redirect traffic
on http://<server> to server1:8080, server2:8080, server3:8080 etc. this way one could
use only http://<server> to share load over a cluster of mgmt server and one can horizontally
scale without changing much in their setup.

Anyway, on an installed setup just change the port param to required value (80 for http, 443
for https) in /etc/cloud/management/server.xml and restart tomcat which should work.


From: James Osbourn []
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 7:32 PM
Subject: Changing the default URL

I am running CS 3.0.x and I am looking to change the default URL from http://<server>:8080/client
to just http://<server>.  This will avoid any confusion for users trying to remember
the port and path.

I can install Apache onto the management server and redirect connections to the default address;
I was just hoping that there was a way of modifying the installation.  The customization guide
just directs to the tomcat web site which is not of much help.

Many Thanks


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