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From Trevor Francis <>
Subject Primary Storage
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 15:16:14 GMT
We are looking at building a Primary Storage solution for an enterprise/carrier class application.
However, we want to build it using a FOSS solution and not a commercial solution. Do you have
a recommendation on platform?

We are really interested at putting in a caching layer (SSD) in front of spinning disks to
speed up the VM storage layer. I'd really like to stay with a linux variant than doing FreeBSD,
although ZFS looks really promising. Also, something distributed would be interesting too
with redundancy existing at the application level. Our VMs that will attach to the Primary
storage will be very write heavy and not really read heavy (think about lots of logging info).

Linux guys, thoughts? Had good luck with anything recently.

Trevor Francis
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trevorgfrancis - Skype
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