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From Ahmad Emneina <>
Subject Re: CS 4 Trial - CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524.tar
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 00:21:26 GMT
So I see some potential issues with the command. --deploy-as=root:password
doesn¹t have a host pointer. My gut tells me it should look like

Now for another potential issue you do a cloud-setup-databases
cloud:@remoteip where I feel you should be doing cloud@remoteip (if you
want cloud user to log in without a password).

I would try with the above deploy-as=root modification, and correct the
cloud user param.

On 10/15/12 5:07 PM, "" <> wrote:

>Thanks Ahmad
>i tried the format that you suggest. but it sill
>doesn't work.
>i have to also install mysql tools before the server will
>connect to the remote mysql host.
>ive tried with multiple builds of the
>latest build on ubuntu. Now im trying the nonoss vers
>same issue with
>it setting up the DB. AKA have to remove any password from the database
>name on setup of DB
>cloud-setup-databases cloud:@remoteip
>i have disabled all firewalls on hosts. UB
>12.04.1 LTS
>_Not true, for production installs, I always have the db
>server remote to management servers and there are passwords on all
>accounts. One thing to try is have a mysql user password with little to
>no special characters, if you do quote them, for example
>cloud-setup-databases cloud:'mcloudpass'
>--deploy-as=root:'rootpass' _


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