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From Frans Thamura <>
Subject Re: Gartner review - a bunch of Monkeys throwing SHIT!
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 05:07:14 GMT
agree, the monkey that says we are the monkey.. mmm... we must prove
which one the real monkey..


On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 11:55 AM, Kristoffer Sheather - Cloud Central
<> wrote:
> Interesting.  Monkeys are everywhere!
> ----------------------------------------
>  From:
> Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2012 3:51 PM
> To:
> Subject: Gartner review - a bunch of Monkeys throwing SHIT!
> this email contains foul language and an honest
> opinion. AKA have the balls to say what i think.
> Every one involved
> with CloudStack should probably take this bullshit 'opinion' from
> gartner as what it is
> B U L L S H I T!
> were locked into every bloody
> thing you don't want to be, (storage, network, hyper visor, even power
> and rack space, etc) and have to keep paying and paying. it never stops.
> so to have some relief to that with opensource like Ubuntu, Cloud-stack
> etc That is where real innovation happens.
> AND ALL THE OTHERS ARE BROKEN, windows never really improves its more BS
> on the previous BS version. esxi5 has some new bells and whistles, but
> essentially its the same ole BULLSHIT again. Now apple are on the shit
> bandwagon with IPhone 5... Stupid shit throwing monkeys.
> They are all
> driven by some bunch of marketing monkeys, senior executive monkeys. who
> throw shit at each other all day. (advertising) While the real people
> who invent and create, get shoved in the back room or sacked, IE the
> engineers are the real value.
> OR
> a group of shit throwing monkeys,
> buys that shit lock stock and barrel (acquisition) and sacks every one,
> well no just the engineers usually.
> im a senior engineer who's worked
> for IBM, HP etc for 20 years and ive seen it over and over again... some
> ole cycle.
> Goes like this...
> 1. some cleaver engineer monkey invents
> something. wow a virtual fart! amazing!
> 2. some dumb ass manager steals
> it and claims all the lime light because they are extroverted and love
> that shit.
> 3. engineer get forgotten, like the fart.
> 4. company
> marketing monkeys start throwing shit at customer saying look how
> cleaver we are
> pay us money for our shit...
> 5. shit sells like hot cakes
> for a while.
> 6. then people realize its just... well... brown, smelly,
> pile of shit.
> 7. then some other bunch of monkeys start with something
> new. hey look at our shit its better!
> 8. so another bunch of monkeys
> like the gartner group, paid by the 2nd bunch of monkeys say negative
> shit about the 1st bunch of monkeys crap!
> 9. Other monkeys stop throwing
> crap and then buy shit from other bunch of monkeys, yes there's crap
> too.
> 10. Only to realize ...its just... well... brown, smelly, pile of
> shit.
> at the end there are alot of monkeys with lots of shit, and other
> with lots of money. and a bunch of engineers with no job. and have to
> come up with new smelly pile of shit, or some new shit.
> either way can
> we get over this stupid cycle of shit (he says / she says) and evolve
> out of being a bunch of monkeys throwing shit for a while? and don't
> even think about monkeys going to their other favorite pastime..........
> masturbating...!!!
> Open source is a chance to break the cycle. any one
> else say something different, then hes throwing more shit.

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