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From Giles Sirett <>
Subject Re: What Gartner can't - or won't - tell you about OpenStack Cloud
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:22:21 GMT
I fully agree with all your points.  IMO however, us cloudstack guys have been behaving with
decorum, others seem not to have been
I do feel that there seems to be an agenda with the OS folks and I fear that is an agenda
being promoted from the "top" of their community.
The problem is that this stuff sticks if it goes on without defence

Kind regards

On 13 Oct 2012, at 18:12, "David Nalley" <> wrote:

> Hi folks:
> So a couple of comments.
> I appreciate the level of passion seen in this thread - it tells me
> that people love CloudStack. That said, open source projects competing
> among themselves is almost always fruitless. The world is large enough
> for two, three, or more open source IaaS projects. (Just like the
> world is big enough for PostgreSQL and MySQL; Red Hat, Ubuntu, SLES,
> Slackware, and others.) In short, this project's goal is not to beat
> OpenStack. The goal is to be a useful, stable, community-led
> Infrastructure-as-a-Service open source project.
> When you see articles that contain misinformation, it's perfect
> acceptable to provide corrections. It's also important to catch what
> they see as legitimate defects - file those as bugs, and lets correct
> them. Far more valuable though, IMO, is that we spend our time doing
> the the following two things:
> 1. Testing, fixing, and documenting Apache CloudStack so that it is
> the best IaaS platform available. (Have you tested the latest 4.0.0 RC
> builds?)
> 2. Telling the story of how/why we use CloudStack (notice I didn't say
> why it's better, or why it beats $foo project)
> To that end, John Kinsella has been working with Apache Infrastructure
> to get an Apache CloudStack planet setup where we can aggregate such
> blogs, so watch for updates on this front and consider aggregating
> your blog there, but don't hesitate to start blogging now :)
> --David
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