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From Paco Orozco <>
Subject Re: backup a cloudstack deployment
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 09:19:54 GMT

I comment between lines.

On 25/10/12 00:22, Julien Garet wrote:
> [...]
>> 1) Geoff says "You should have every VM running a Scheduled Snapshot
>> routine, that way if you have a disaster, you can recreate your
>> architecture, and restore VMs from Snapshots / Templates". When you
>> schedule this snapshot routine it will create snaps on secondary
>> storage. Does this snaps count as a consumed resources for users?
>> Must
>> they will pay for it? Can users delete them?
> As far as I know, a snapshot is a resource as others, it has its own limits, different
from the volumes. Users can delete their own snapshots. The service offer we are planning
to provide is to tell users they have all the tools to plan their own backup (via the snapshots)
and are responsible to set it up for their VMs. We ensure that in case of disaster on primary
storage, they will have tools to recover failed VMs. 

Yes, but I understand you were looking a way to make a backup for your
IaaS Cloud Service. I'm worried that by system admin error can lose all
data on primary storage. So I'd like to have a recovery point.

I've been thinking in do scheduled snaps of users VMs, in order to be
able to recover them in case of disaster. But this way has two problems:

Firstly, these snapshots consumes user resources, so I must give one or
two snapshots free. This isn't a problem after all.

Secondly, user should be able to delete this snaps. So I can assure I
will be able to recover all cloud in case of disaster.

Imagine one of your admins is installing a patch or upgrading one of my
XenServers and it executes a wrong command that deletes all primary
storage data. It would be difficult to explain to my customers that i
can't recover its VMs.

Customers are responsible for do its own backup task. But I need to
assure some point of recovery. I hope you can understand my point of
view (English, as you has note, is not my native language :-)

> [...]
> Does anyone face this kind of snapshots problems ? 

Yes, I've got the same. The fail a lot, and sometimes they are very slow.

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