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From Nik Martin <>
Subject Re: Primary Storage
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 15:24:22 GMT
On 10/22/2012 10:16 AM, Trevor Francis wrote:
> We are looking at building a Primary Storage solution for an
> enterprise/carrier class application. However, we want to build it using
> a FOSS solution and not a commercial solution. Do you have a
> recommendation on platform?


I got EXCELLENT results builing a SAN from FOSS using:
OS: Centos
Hardware: 2X storage servers, with 12x2TB 3.5 SATA drives.  LSI MegaRAID 
with CacheCade Pro, with 240 GB Intel 520 SSDs configured to do SSD 
caching (alternately, look at FlashCache from Facebook)
intel 10GB dual port nics, one port for crossover, on port for up link 
to storage network

DRBD for real time block replication to active-active
Pacemaker+corosync for HA Resource management
tgtd for iSCSI target

If you want file backed storage, XFS is a very good filesystem on Linux now.

Pacemaker+Corosync can be difficult to grok at the beginning, but that 
setup gave me a VERY high performance SAN.  The downside is it is 
entirely managed by CLI, no UI whatsoever.

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