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From Tamas Monos <>
Subject RE: Multiple secondary storage
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 09:40:34 GMT

As far as I am aware if you are using more than one secondary storage then the system will
use both storage but will not replicate any data.
This means if your snapshot is stored on a secondary storage that is in Error state/down then
any operation related to that data (template,ISO,snapshot) will error out/fail and there is
no way to recover from it unless you bring the storage back online or via database hack.
You will still see everything on the GUI as it does come from the database so make sure your
storages are running. Use NFS failover or redundant storage hardware.
I'm not sure about the latest version I'm on 3.0.2


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From: Bryan Whitehead [] 
Sent: 20 September 2012 09:45
Subject: Multiple secondary storage

If I add more than 1 secondary storage to a zone, are they all treated different? Is there
replication going on like copying templates and snapshots between the two?

If I have a template or snapshot on a secondary storage that is down do i still see it in
the GUI but am just unable to use it?


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