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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: Changing default network size
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:56:56 GMT
On 9/24/12 7:07 AM, "Andrew Cruse" <> wrote:

>We have cloudstack set to provision the default guest network for
>with a /24 but have a customer who needs a larger subnet.  Is there a way
>to do that for an individual customer?

Yes, you can create a new network for the customer and specify the CIDR
for it. You can do it either from the UI, or using createNetwork API.

> I know I can change it for the
>entire zone, but it's not clear what the implications of doing that are.
>Do existing accounts retain the current guest network and new accounts get
>the new one, or does the new one apply to old accounts as well? If so, how
>does that switchover happen?

There is no switchover. Once network is created for the account, it stays
with he account and can be used by this account only.

>Alternatively, is there a way to deploy a new default guest network to an

You need to create a new network, and specify this new network during the
vm deployment.

>The ideal scenario here would be to ust change the subnet mask on
>the one they already have, but if we could provision an additional network
>that will also get a virtual router that can act as the default gateway,
>provide NAT, etc. for the new network that would work as well.  Deploying
>non-default network to the account doesn't seem to work as it seems to
>expect an external device to handle routing and NAT duties which is not an
>option in this case.

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