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Subject, cloud-setup-agent and terminology confusion
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 03:28:30 GMT
Ok, so the tool has issues. But I'm curious does the CS network code
properly handle bridging in the presence of bonds AND vlans stacked on top
of each other?

Was this ever fixed?
It maps to which apparently is
closed but not resolved.

My host is configured thus:
bond0 (eth0 + eth1)
bond0.39 (vlan tag 39 where a number of pods and component clusters of
hypervisors and CS manager will live)
bond0.398 (vlan tag 398, one of the Public IP segments)
shared (a bridge with just bond0 as member, obviously no IP address
defined for 'shared' itself as that would be wrong)

disk0 (bridge with eth2 as member, switch in access mode and assigned vlan
disk1 (bridge with eth3 as member, ditto)

In the Zone I've defined and 600-749 as guest VLAN and IP space.

Are the following 3 values correct then?

The WebUI uses the term "tag" during the initial zone creation wizard
which means exactly what? VLAN tag number?

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