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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject RE: Copying templates between availability zones
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 18:29:53 GMT
Can you see the first log for this template initiation ? It should be logged with DownloadCommand
and should have the url of the source ssvm's template. Then you can try going to the destination
SSVM and try downloading that url. 
See what issues you get. I would also check the iptable rules to see if the destination ssvm
is blocked from accessing the source ssvm and also if there is any .htaccess file in the apache
directories forbidding the download of template
Refer to for help as well.

From: AWeber - Benjamin Krein []
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 11:25 PM
Subject: Re: Copying templates between availability zones

On Aug 2, 2012, at 1:50 PM, AWeber - Benjamin Krein wrote:

> When I try to copy a template from one availability zone to another the webui says it
succeeds, but the copy never shows up & I see this in the management log:
> 2012-08-02 17:44:00,935 DEBUG [agent.transport.Request] (Timer-6:null) Seq 12-1476463345:
Sending  { Cmd , MgmtId: 161334717904, via: 12, Ver: v1, Flags: 100011, [{"storage.DownloadProgressCommand":{"jobId":"7b468191-a7dc-41bf-8453-9e39b01b5fba","request":"GET_STATUS","hvm":true,"description":"Ubuntu10.04.4
64-bit (5GB)","checksum":"393d4aebf205603314affb8cd4d58d64","auth":{"userName":"cloud","password":"XXXXXXXXXXXXX"},"maxDownloadSizeInBytes":53687091200,"id":205,"url":"","format":"QCOW2","accountId":2,"name":"50cfbdf4-1ae5-43ee-af9d-df9e73f56593","secUrl":"nfs://","wait":0}}]
> 2012-08-02 17:44:00,977 DEBUG [agent.transport.Request] (AgentManager-Handler-1:null)
Seq 12-1476463345: Processing:  { Ans: , MgmtId: 161334717904, via: 12, Ver: v1, Flags: 10,
HTTP Server returned 403 (expected 200 OK) ","downloadStatus":"NOT_DOWNLOADED","downloadPath":"/mnt/SecStorage/16d441cf-f675-343b-884e-2ea5677773e8/template/tmpl/2/205/dnld4460230303792654544tmp_","templateSize":0,"templatePhySicalSize":0,"result":false,"wait":0}}]
> I do not see the 403 in the Apache logs of the storage VMs.  I can select "Download Template"
from the actions & successfully download the qcow through the webui.

I should also note that I see the above log lines over and over again even after making the
initial request.  It's almost like the initial request is stuck & no other requests are
actually doing anything.  I've tried destroying/rebuilding the storage VMs & restarting
the cloud-management service followed by re-running cloud-setup-management several times to
no avail.

I've also set the global 'secstorage.allowed.internal.sites' to match our internal subnet
( which you can see that the storage VM request is in along with the secondary
storage, agents, etc.

Benjamin Krein

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