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From James Kahn <>
Subject CloudStack and XenServer 6.0.2 - stray snapshots on primary storage
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 10:47:22 GMT
Stray CloudStack generated snapshots on primary storage are causing
significant storage use on our XenServer environment. Is this expected
behaviour, a bug, or are we encountering an environmental issue? Is
anybody else seeing this?

One particular storage volume has over 1TB in use, with 659GB allocated ­
so this is a real issue for us. On that volume a 400GB VDI consumes 800GB
- 400GB for its base disk, and 400GB for the snapshot disk.

Pretty much every primary storage volume is affected. Snapshots are
exported successfully to secondary storage.

Some details on our environment:
CloudStack 3.0.1
XenServer 6.0.2
iSCSI primary storage (CloudStack managed)

The snapshots also seem to be recently current, as shown:

# xe vdi-list sr-uuid=1ddf05ad-133e-a275-90de-8b03fb69d114
is-a-snapshot=true params=uuid,name-label,snapshot-time
uuid ( RO)             : fb9210b9-25e5-46fd-a747-26e0dc536981
       name-label ( RW):
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120423T02:33:37Z

uuid ( RO)             : ea5392b0-8921-46ca-b74f-c16aa8e78466
       name-label ( RW): Template routing-1
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120404T05:10:49Z

uuid ( RO)             : eba80a35-2acc-4228-905d-380a074135de
       name-label ( RW):
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120822T18:02:04Z

uuid ( RO)             : 420c397e-8828-4b80-88ff-1db141cc7d16
       name-label ( RW): Template 98255702-1359-42ae-b635-ad7eacd09e5c
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120411T23:28:35Z

uuid ( RO)             : b606c514-a042-4493-a0a7-07c7c5f66d3a
       name-label ( RW):
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120822T18:02:21Z

uuid ( RO)             : 14a75d57-8e1b-4ee7-b1b8-d069362332e9
       name-label ( RW): Template 5978eab4-166c-42f1-aeb6-a4d6bb8bb5f9
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120412T05:48:58Z

uuid ( RO)             : 90559f54-e35a-48e3-9ce0-5e9d8b4e5587
       name-label ( RW):
    snapshot-time ( RO): 20120822T15:02:04Z

Any ideas?


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