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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: change / replace public ip range
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 18:38:11 GMT
On 8/13/12 11:02 AM, "" <> wrote:

>>>I hope I misunderstood what you meant by "expunged".
>> Expunged means that the vm is destroyed and can't be restored (its
>> are removed from storage, all ip addresses that used to belong to vm's
>> are released, etc)
>So I was right. The above (for an IP change) is utterly unacceptable. IP
>addresses are a dynamic resource. I understand that if one configures CS
>to hard-code the guest's various NIC addresses at PowerON/Create time that
>you will need to reset things with a PowerOFF/Destroy first. That's
>> If the network is Shared, then Ips of the vms are being allocated from
>> user_ip_address table. And if you want to change IP addresses range,
>> user vms have to be restarted as well.
>Well now it depends on WHICH network IP range you're changing. If Public
>IP (ie. NAT target) then just load the new ruleset at the router. If
>changing the guest's IP then yeah, a Destroy/Create cycle is needed.
>But why not let guests use DHCP as handed out by CS' network manager? Then
>all you need is a DHCP lease re-issue or worst case a reboot.

Sounds reasonable, but most of the customers want the ip address to stick
to user vm as long as vm is not expunged in Shared networks. The ip
addresses are real public ip addresses, and can be used for directly
accessing the vm over the internet, and people don't want these ips to
change once vm got them.

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