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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: change / replace public ip range
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 17:37:54 GMT
On 8/13/12 10:32 AM, "" <> wrote:

>> The IP address stays with the vm for the entire life cycle, till it's
>> expunged.
>I hope I misunderstood what you meant by "expunged".

Expunged means that the vm is destroyed and can't be restored (its volumes
are removed from storage, all ip addresses that used to belong to vm's nic
are released, etc)

>> * Change the record in nics table for all vms nics to have new ip
>> * restart the guest network
>> * stop/start ALL user vms in network
>Talk about "doing it wrong". It's a simple NAT rule. Just modify the
>ruleset and reload it at the router. The guest doesn't care what it's
>public IP is. Rebooting guests is uncalled for.

It depends on the type of the network. If it's an Isolated network, then
reboot user vms is not needed as all user vms are using ips from the guest
range. Then you are right, the ip address should be changed just for the
virtual router nic, and restart network is sufficient enough.

If the network is Shared, then Ips of the vms are being allocated from
user_ip_address table. And if you want to change IP addresses range, then
user vms have to be restarted as well.

>If you're talking about changing the private/internal IP|VLAN of a guest,
>at most you rewrite the .VMX or it's equivalent and poweroff/on (or in
>kvm/xen "how-badly-can-we-misname-a-function speak" destroy/create) the
>I can edit a guest's network setting all day long in VMware with the VM
>live, no less and replumb (move the interface from one port group to
>another) while I'm at it. I realize KVM/Xen are inferior hypervisors, but
>CS shouldn't introduce unnecessary disruption.

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