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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: change / replace public ip range
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:29:05 GMT
The IP address stays with the vm for the entire life cycle, till it's

Modifying the DB is the only one way to workaround it. But changing it in
the user_ip_address table is not enough. You should:

* change the record in cloud.vlan table that corresponds to ip address
* Change the record in nics table for all vms nics to have new ip address
* restart the guest network
* stop/start ALL user vms in network


On 8/13/12 1:16 AM, "Mice Xia" <> wrote:

>In database there is a table 'user_ip_address' for public IP address
>allocation, maybe you can try changing its address and restart network on
>There is also a table 'vlan', and you may want to change its description
>to reflect your new IP range in UI.
>It seems to work for trunk, not sure if it's applicable for 3.0.2.
>DonĀ¹t forget to backup your database (or everything) before you try this
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>From: heince kurniawan []
>Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 12:28 PM
>Subject: change / replace public ip range
>I'm using CS 3.0.2 advanced networking , just changed our ISP with new IP
>ranges, and I'm trying to change the previous ip assignment.
>This is what i've done:
>- stop all vms
>- maintenance all hosts
>- destroy router and system vms
>- disable zone
>but i still can't delete the public ip, status : "The IP range can't be
>deleted because it has allocated public IP addresses."
>Even though i have destroyed router, the guest network mapping to public
>ip is still on state 'allocated', i can't delete the guest network :
>"Can't delete the network, not all user vms are expunged. Vm
>VM[User|i-2-7-VM] is in Stopped state"
>And i don't want to destroy all the vms, any workaround ?
>Bottom line: i just need to change the public ip range without destroying
>any user's vm.

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