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Subject what primary storage are folks using on KVM hypervisors?
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 21:21:17 GMT
I'm guessing NFS for most everybody. But I'd like to hear from those using
OCFS2 and how it compares to NFS in regards to reliability and speed. I'd
ask about using CLVMD as a flavor but I'm not sure what that accomplishes
since you still need a filesystem on top of it and all docs claim it's
unsupported in the 3.0 family anyway.

Has anyone tested NFSv4 redirects in the primary definition?

How are people handling NFS3 mounts that have multiple IP possibilities?
In my case I have a DNS record that has multiple A records but that's
probably not going to work as expected when one or more of those IPs go
down, since it is my understanding IPaddr lookup is only done at initial
mount and won't ever get looked at again even after mount timeout.

I ask because the latest XenServer6 release (probably all previous too)
has a NASTY bug wherein if the first IP of a multi-pathed SR definition is
unreachable, it will not attempt any other paths and will fail to mount.
(how the HELL did nobody bother to QA that obvious failure mode?

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