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From William Clark <>
Subject Re: A bug about assign VLAN ID to storage network?
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 17:07:45 GMT
I found the same bug. Here is how I got past it. 
- Take the zone offline (you may need to take pod etc offline as well)
- stop your system vm's
- go into you storage network and delete what is there and then re-add with the proper vlan.

- start everything back up

The trick here is to bring the system vm's down into a state they won't restart on their own.
If they are running, deleting the storage network info will not stick, ie you delete it, move
to another config window and then back it will magically come back. If the system vm's are
truly down the storage network line will not come back on it's own and you can add the proper
one back. 

Good Luck

Bill Clark

On Aug 13, 2012, at 9:25 AM, 曹伟 <> wrote:

> When I create a advanced zone in CS 3.0.2, I configure storage network IP
> range, gateway, netmask and VLAN ID, then I assign storage network to a
> specific physical network interface with trunk connection.
> But when the zone create completely, I fund that the storage network didn't
> be assigned the VLAN ID, and it can't go through the trunk interface.
> I try it on VMWare,XenServer and KVM, the issue will arise on all the
> platforms!
> Is it a bug and how to fix it?

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