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From Nik Martin <>
Subject Can't create template from snapshot
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 15:34:53 GMT
I recently added a new zone to my CS Acton cloud, using Xenserver 6.02 
HVs. My secondary storage is NFS on Centos 6.  I can upload ISOs, CS 
downloaed the system template fine, and I can create VMs, and make 
snapshots from Volumes.  When I pick a snapshit and try to create a 
template, I get:

2012-08-23 10:09:39,992 WARN  [cloud.vm.VirtualMachineManagerImpl] 
(Job-Executor-29:job-44) Cleanup failed due to Creating template from 
snapshot 6ec231ac-9468-454c-ab60-5c46c4463799 failed due to 
create_privatetemplate_from_snapshot failed due to failed to query 

If I log into the HV the VM is running on, and look at 
/var/run/cloud_mount/, there are hundreds of directories, but 
34a0115b-466a-492a-b4f4-d4a0db5dc55b is not one of them. Is someting out 
of sync?



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