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From Nik Martin <>
Subject Re: really bad UI design
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 18:45:48 GMT
On 08/07/2012 12:35 PM, wrote:

> 2. In user management, clearly there is the concept of groups if evidenced
> only in the silliness of "accounts/admin/users/admin" before one can
> change the 'admin' user account's password. At the very least introduce
> the word "group" at the top level. I suggest renaming the 'admin' group to
> 'cloud admins' or 'super-users' or something that denotes their supreme
> rights.

This one threw me for a loop as well, then I sort of hacked my brain to 
understand it.  This seems to have been written with a commercial 
hosting provider in mind, so "Account" is actually a Customer, and each 
Customer can have multiple users.  This then immediately falls apart 
when you make an "Account" an administrator on the root domain, and then 
he can go willy nilly anywhere he wants and do anything he pleases with 
root privileges, not confined to an account.

Then when you figure out "Subdomains" a light goes off and you have 
another AH-HA moment, and create two accounts at a subdomain level, each 
capable of holding multiple users, one account for admin, and one 
account for users, but then you realize the Domain admin account is very 
anemic, and really gets no admin privileges delegated to him, and he has 
to defer most admin functions back up to a root admin.

Tis a bit broken.



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