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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: CloudStack development environment
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 12:11:55 GMT
On Tue, Aug 07, 2012 at 04:20:04AM -0400, Olga Smola wrote:
> Hi,
> Last weeks I had no activities as a committer, because I have a problem
> with development environment.
> When I started working on CloudStack I had remote deployed CloudStack that
> used real resources and it wasn't deployed by myself. I've got environment
> ready to use. On company I worked on we were waiting for the cloud
> computing project. CloudStack was a really good example to aware with cloud
> computing platform, so it was deployed as an example. Few weeks later
> project was declined. Despite the fact that the project was canceled I
> decided to work on Cloud Stack in my free time because it is interesting to
> me. Some time I had access to the remote CloudStack, but now I have no
> access to it. First at all I tried to setup environment following the steps
> from
> But I couldn't add host. Then I tried to use DevCloud from
> And it was success when I
> use DevCloud image without any updates. But to fix something from VPC for
> example it was needed to use source from master branch so that I followed
> steps from DevCloud manual step 8 ("As a developer, you may want to push
> your modified code into DevCloud, and test..."). Then I've permanently
> stuckbecause after redeploying I can't create host any more. After
> rdelopydb I
> have no test data and can't create a host. Without rdeploydb CS isn't
> working because as I see db structure on the DevCloud image and from master
> branch are different. Also I have comments here
> For me as for UI developer and windows user it's very difficult to setup
> CloudStack dev environment, because I'm not skilled in things like
> deploying.
> I would like to help with bug fixing and other UI things but I can't.

Not to set you off on a different track:

But for UI development I would recommend using a lightweight simulator. If
you have a working (ant clean-all build-all succeeds) environment, run
the following on two separate shells and you should be able to get

Shell #1
$ ant clean-all run-simulator (starts up mgmt server with simulator)

Shell #2
$ ant clean-all run-marvin (wait for success, configures zone and hosts)

This will setup a simulated environment for advanced zone. Then go
onto http://localhost:8080/client and the configured cloudstack will
help you test your UI fixes.

python 2.7 and a working pip installer which I think are part of
DevCloud. Other network model configurations are in the



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