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From Mark Johanson <>
Subject cloud-set-guest-password w/ Slackware and Gentoo
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 18:31:21 GMT
It was recommended I also ask here on the mailing list for a possible
answer to this question:

Has anyone had any luck getting the cloud-set-guest-password script
working in Gentoo or Slackware? 

I have been unsuccessful so far getting it to update the password when
changed via the Hypervisor. It still has the default password and
doesn't seem to want to pull the new one.

I have tried default and boot run levels for the script, but no luck. I
have only had one erro so far that I was able to find:

Aug 21 21:54:22 localhost cloud: Failed to get password from any
server00009f400 (usable)

Aug 21 21:34:36 localhost cloud: Failed to get password from any server
RAM map:

But that was yesterday on vm build and been unable to get it to error or
produce a message on reboots of failure or succession.

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