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From James Kahn <>
Subject Re: XenServer and CloudStack - HA
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 06:14:44 GMT
Ah, we've found the issue. We ran our testing with only two XenServer
hosts. XenServer will not automatically transfer the pool master role if
you only run two XenServer hosts and lose the pool master.

So it sounds like the correct configuration is enable CloudStack HA,
disable XenServer HA.


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From: James Kahn <>
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Date: Sunday, 15 July 2012 8:16 PM
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Subject: XenServer and CloudStack - HA

>A while ago we tested XenServer and CloudStack HA. This was with XS 6.0
>and CS 3.0.
>Initially with XenServer HA disabled and CloudStack HA enabled, we found
>that if the pool master dies, the VMs running on that host are not
>restarted on other hosts by CloudStack HA ­ at least for the 20 minutes
>we waited for something to happen. Not good. If any other host dies the
>VMs are restarted promptly without issue. We assumed that this is because
>CloudStack needs the pool master up.
>Testing again with XS HA in use to protect the pool master, and CS HA
>enabled, HA functionality works. So we're running with XS HA protecting
>the pool master and CS HA protecting the VMs.
>We've logged a Citrix case for an XS related issue and were told by the
>support engineer that his cloudstack support manager said "with
>cloudstack you should not use XS HA. Period. CS has got its own HA".
>Which would be fine, except that CS HA doesn't work if the pool master
>dies. At least with our testing.
>What's the go here? Does CS HA now protect the pool master? How should we
>be configuring this?

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