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From James Kahn <>
Subject Re: 答复: XenServer and CloudStack - HA
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 02:37:45 GMT
Hi Mice,

When we tested we pulled the power from the pool master to simulate a
hardware failure.


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From: Mice Xia <>
Reply-To: ""
Date: Monday, 16 July 2012 12:22 PM
To: ""
Subject: 答复: XenServer and CloudStack - HA

>Hi James,
>I think CS HA does protect pool master. In your environment, did HA fail
>every time, or occasionally?
>And the way pool master die make some difference, was it a management
>network partition, a public network partition, a storage network
>partition, or a host power down?
>发件人: James Kahn []
>发送时间: 2012年7月15日 18:16
>主题: XenServer and CloudStack - HA
>A while ago we tested XenServer and CloudStack HA. This was with XS 6.0
>and CS 3.0.
>Initially with XenServer HA disabled and CloudStack HA enabled, we found
>that if the pool master dies, the VMs running on that host are not
>restarted on other hosts by CloudStack HA – at least for the 20 minutes
>we waited for something to happen. Not good. If any other host dies the
>VMs are restarted promptly without issue. We assumed that this is because
>CloudStack needs the pool master up.
>Testing again with XS HA in use to protect the pool master, and CS HA
>enabled, HA functionality works. So we're running with XS HA protecting
>the pool master and CS HA protecting the VMs.
>We've logged a Citrix case for an XS related issue and were told by the
>support engineer that his cloudstack support manager said "with
>cloudstack you should not use XS HA. Period. CS has got its own HA".
>Which would be fine, except that CS HA doesn't work if the pool master
>dies. At least with our testing.
>What's the go here? Does CS HA now protect the pool master? How should we
>be configuring this?

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