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From Ahmad Emneina <>
Subject Re: Template Distribution
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 18:39:47 GMT
On 7/11/12 6:02 AM, "Donal Lafferty" <> wrote:

>Does anyone have experience using the "details" optional parameter of
>RegisterTemplate?  I'm wondering what the limits are to the 'Details'
>optional field.
>The background is that I've run into a couple of instances where people
>want to spin up VMs in CloudStack from a template that does not change
>from CloudStack to CloudStack.  E.g the VM is either their product, or a
>cloud-based VM that the product relies on.  Unfortunately, template Ids
>vary from CloudStack to CloudStack even when the image is the same.
>However, the RegisterTemplate API call allows templates to be tagged with
>additional details.  I'd like to use these as the means of discovering
>the template, but there does not seem much detail on how the field works.
>Can anyone give me quick example of how to add key/value pairs to the
>details parameter?  (Knowing the field size limits would be useful as

I've seen users standardize on names and deploy based on that. Outside
logic will poll for templates, match on name, then deploy using the id
associated with the name.


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