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Subject RE: iSCSI and Vmware Hypervisor
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 06:12:13 GMT

Ahh that will be why, as my test was on Version 2.2
have not tried 3 yet.  was waiting on esxi 5 IB support.

ok ill get to work over the weekend to try
ill post results back here for anyone interested in super fast Disc I/O

Bruce McKenzie

On 27.07.2012 16:04, Mice Xia wrote:
> 1.will it work with ESXi5?
> Cloudstack release note says VMWare vSphere 5.0 has been fully
> supported since version 3.0.1.
> 2. does CloudStack support SAN (IB SRP) shows up as a san SCSI device
> in vmware. Again i cant find any definitive answers in the docs?
> I think yes, though I've never tried IB device before.
> But as long as VMware can format it as VMFS, you can add it as
> primary storage in cloudstack by choosing VMFS protocol.
> Regards
> Mice
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> Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 1:35 PM
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> Subject: iSCSI and Vmware Hypervisor
> Hi
> stupid question...Does Cloudstack support ESXi 5U1?
> i had it
> running on Ubuntu 10.4 using ESXi4 Hyper-visors and it worked OK. So
> will it work with ESXi5? I don't see any specific statements saying 
> it
> will in the docs?
> 2Nd San Vs ISCSI or NFS
> I have infiniband 40GB QDR
> SAN from Quantastor (www.osnexus) who ive been working with this last
> year to integrate Infiniband into the SAN (uses Ubuntu) so we now 
> have a
> SRP Infiniband SAN, which also does iSCSI
> so the issues lately have
> been ESXi 5 and 4 Drivers for SRP. There is no SRP driver for ESXi5. 
> But
> there is a new Infiniband (IB) driver which supports IP or IPOIB.
> I now
> have ESXi 5 working with IB ISCSI and can easily get 14GB/s i can
> transfer 5GB of data on a VM to VM @450-500MB/s in 25 seconds. so its
> quite fast. But not as fast as SRP
> Using SRP i easily get 32GB/s on
> ESXi4. (quad path MPIO) (yes GB for those reading! not Gb/s) so i can
> zip data round really quickly especially Vmotions etc. I have 2 SAN 
> head
> units (12 x 1TB WD VR) in each. in Raid 5 and they happily spit out.
> pushing 10GB of data to and from, takes a mere 40-50 seconds.
> The
> problem is i want to use ESXi5 now not 4. SRP is still a little
> unstable. By that i mean some times there are connection issues with 
> the
> IB Bus and vmware takes 1-2 mins to rescan/connect to Luns. Also when
> using clustered Storage for VCenter clusters, the nodes occasionally
> drop the Lun access and have to be restarted to reconnect to IB SAN.
> this isnt a problem with ISCSI ive noticed. But in production cloud 
> it
> would be if nodes just dropped storage randomly.
> So 3rd
> Question.!
> does CloudStack support SAN (IB SRP) shows up as a san SCSI
> device in vmware. Again i cant find any definitive answers in the
> docs?
> Im thinking i will run SRP for Ubuntu management servers and
> internal VCenter and VM's so i get max speed with Vmotions etc. and 
> run
> the cloud nodes on ESX5 with IB_ISCSI until Mellanox and VMWare come 
> up
> with a SrP driver for esxi 5
> any thoughts or comments would be
> usefull.
> Cheers
> Bruce McKenzie

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