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From "Vladimir Melnik" <>
Subject CloudStack3 vs CloudStack2: what's your advice?
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 05:46:33 GMT

 Would anybody help me to make a descision?

 We are IaaS-provider and now we use CloudStack2. I have to say, we are
rather happy with it. :-) Now we prepare to extend our cloud (actually we
will setup another cloud) and we think about to use CloudStack3 in the new
cloud. We tested CloudStack3 a couple of months ago, but faced certain
problems with it, so we draw a conclusion that 3'rd is not mature enough to
use it in production.

 Who uses CloudStack3 in their clouds? How much pods/hosts do you maintain
with it? Are you satisfied with it? Would you recommend to use it instead of
CloudStack2? What can we win if we migrate to CloudStack3?

 Looking forward for your replies. Thank you!

Vladimir Melnik
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