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From "Mice Xia" <>
Subject RE: iSCSI and Vmware Hypervisor
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 06:04:30 GMT
1.will it work with ESXi5?

Cloudstack release note says VMWare vSphere 5.0 has been fully supported since version 3.0.1.

2. does CloudStack support SAN (IB SRP) shows up as a san SCSI device in vmware. Again i cant
find any definitive answers in the docs?

I think yes, though I've never tried IB device before.
But as long as VMware can format it as VMFS, you can add it as primary storage in cloudstack
by choosing VMFS protocol.


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Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 1:35 PM
Subject: iSCSI and Vmware Hypervisor



stupid question...Does Cloudstack support ESXi 5U1?

i had it
running on Ubuntu 10.4 using ESXi4 Hyper-visors and it worked OK. So
will it work with ESXi5? I don't see any specific statements saying it
will in the docs?

2Nd San Vs ISCSI or NFS

I have infiniband 40GB QDR
SAN from Quantastor (www.osnexus) who ive been working with this last
year to integrate Infiniband into the SAN (uses Ubuntu) so we now have a
SRP Infiniband SAN, which also does iSCSI

so the issues lately have
been ESXi 5 and 4 Drivers for SRP. There is no SRP driver for ESXi5. But
there is a new Infiniband (IB) driver which supports IP or IPOIB.

I now
have ESXi 5 working with IB ISCSI and can easily get 14GB/s i can
transfer 5GB of data on a VM to VM @450-500MB/s in 25 seconds. so its
quite fast. But not as fast as SRP

Using SRP i easily get 32GB/s on
ESXi4. (quad path MPIO) (yes GB for those reading! not Gb/s) so i can
zip data round really quickly especially Vmotions etc. I have 2 SAN head
units (12 x 1TB WD VR) in each. in Raid 5 and they happily spit out.
pushing 10GB of data to and from, takes a mere 40-50 seconds.

problem is i want to use ESXi5 now not 4. SRP is still a little
unstable. By that i mean some times there are connection issues with the
IB Bus and vmware takes 1-2 mins to rescan/connect to Luns. Also when
using clustered Storage for VCenter clusters, the nodes occasionally
drop the Lun access and have to be restarted to reconnect to IB SAN.
this isnt a problem with ISCSI ive noticed. But in production cloud it
would be if nodes just dropped storage randomly.

So 3rd

does CloudStack support SAN (IB SRP) shows up as a san SCSI
device in vmware. Again i cant find any definitive answers in the

Im thinking i will run SRP for Ubuntu management servers and
internal VCenter and VM's so i get max speed with Vmotions etc. and run
the cloud nodes on ESX5 with IB_ISCSI until Mellanox and VMWare come up
with a SrP driver for esxi 5

any thoughts or comments would be


Bruce McKenzie
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