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From Edison Su <>
Subject Re: [RFC] DevCloud, an all-in-one-box CloudStack development environment
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 05:35:30 GMT

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On Jul 9, 2012, at 8:32 PM, "Chip Childers" <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 9:28 PM, Edison Su <> wrote:
>> The known stuffs left are:
>> 1. Need to automate CloudStack management server installation. We need a preinstalled
CloudStack mgt server in DevCloud, for ordinary user. The main issue is that on master branch,
DEB build is broken, and mgt server doesn't work on Ubuntu 12.04(such as tomcat6.conf is changed,
some jar files are changed, not include in the class path etc). I manually hacked the DEB
build and then changed a lot of files to get it work.
> That one sounds messy...  Is there a reason that you started with
> 12.04 as the OS?  Does Fedora perhaps work better for now?

Only Ubuntu 12.04 supports Xen + xcp. Why choose Xen, not QEMU, or KVM?
1. CloudStack has the best support for Xen for the known reason...
2. DevCloud running in a VM, so KVM doesn't work as VirtualBox doesn't support nested CPU
3. PV Xen vm will be faster than the QEMU, and lesser CPU overhead.

If running DevCloud inside a VM, Ubuntu 12.04 is an ideal choice for now. 
 CloudStack supports Ubuntu 10.04, as 12.04 is already out for a while, it's time to add the
support for 12.04 now.
>> 2. Minor one: such as setting root password to "password", set dom0 mem to 512M
> Patch submitted via reviewboard.
> Any others like this?

Thanks, I'll check in. No more right now.
>> 4. Need to document or automate the VirtualBox image or ova creating process, such
as what's the hardware configuration for the VM, what's the Port Forwarding rules we are using,
> This is where Vagrant can help out, since one of it's main goals in
> life is to help configure the VirtualBox environment for a VM (or set
> of VMs).  This includes all sorts of useful knobs.  If you want to do
> the documentation, I wouldn't mind taking a shot at the vagrant
> configuration.
That will be great! If there anything I can help, feel free to email me.
>>> Two other thoughts / questions:
>>> 1 - Did you consider using puppet recipes to configure the system?
>>> 2 - Did you consider wrapping the configuration / setup process with
>>> Vagrant?
>> I thought about it before, but I am not familiar with both of these tools, so if
the community can help, that will be great!
>> Based on what did, it should be doable if we move to puppet/Vagrant?
> Looking at the script, absolutely.  Perhaps we can start with vagrant
> at the beginning (using your existing script within the Vagrant
> configuration process), and then look at shifting from the shell
> provisioner type to a puppet manifest approach.  Sound reasonable?
Nice. Let's do it!
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