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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: Changing the IP Address of a Cloudstack VM
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 02:53:10 GMT
On 6/6/12 7:39 PM, "Eric Reeves" <> wrote:

>Is there a clean way to manually modify the IP address of an existing
>Cloudstack VM in basic networking mode?  I'm not seeing anything in the
>API that looks like what I want exactly.  I could mangle the DB manually
>and trigger a re-push to the virtual router, but that seems a bit uglyŠ

There is no official way for changing the vm ip; the ip address stays with
the vm for the entire life cycle.

>I see references to the IP in the following tables:

If you don't run usage server, there is no need to modify usage_event
table. Other tables need modifications. But make sure you do them after
the old vm (which uses the ip) is Expunged.

Also if you created firewall/lb rules (case when eIp/eLb capabilities are
enabled for the network, and Netscaler is used as a provider), then you
need to make sure cloud.firewall_rules.ip_address_id point to correct ip
in user_ip_address table.

>Here's my use case:  I am performing a conversion from a set of legacy
>block device backed open source Xen VMs in to Cloudstack/vSphere for a
>Dev/QA lab.  My process is currently to create a VM in CS with the same
>base OS, then run my magic rsync script that pushes everything from the
>old VM to the new one (fixing things like fstab, mtab, network config,
>and grub.cfg along the way).  Then I'll shut down the old VM, and I'd
>like to assign the old IP to the new CS VM.
>Any thoughts on this?
>Thanks much in advance.
>Eric Reeves


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