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From Outback Dingo <>
Subject CS 3.0.2 and XCP 1.5 Beta Multihomed Instances
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2012 17:17:40 GMT
simple setup one would think, yet accomplishing it in cloudstack had
proven not feasible / capable of being done

we have 1 CS management server, and 5 XCP hosts

every thing has 2 nics eth0 / eth1

eth0 is on the 192.X network

eth1 is on the public with 71.XXX

each XCP host has labeled  interfaces eth0 labeled private with
192.XXX adresses, eth1 labeled public with no IP addresses

in cloudstack i wish to dual home all instances on both the 71.XXX
public interface, and the 192.XXX private interface (its got storage)

so when we create a instances, we can choose to "add" a secondary
guest network on the 192.XXX interface attached to the "private" host
there is no "smart" vlan capable switch in the environment, its a
pretty flat network.

I can do it with XCP without an issue, but when i add CS into the
configuration, CS doesnt appear to allow this type of configuration

and we dont to NAT... we want the public ips on the instances, not
port forwarded to it

question is...... HOW.....

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