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From sebastien goasguen <>
Subject basic config gives "unable to add host" error
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 15:55:45 GMT

I am trying to setup a basic zone with CS 3.0.1-1
I have the mgt server running and I can access the GUI, I am bypassing
the wizard and going through "infrastructure" to setup the basic zone.
I have the storage setup via NFS and mounted properly.
I have the agent setup on a KVM host. iptables disabled for now.

When I finish the setup of the zone, it tries to add the host and
fails. the GUI says "Something went wrong, please correct the
following: Unable to add the host"
Looking into /var/log/cloud/management/management-server.log there is
not much info:

2012-06-07 11:32:20,413 WARN  [cloud.resource.ResourceManagerImpl]
(catalina-exec-7:null) Unable to find the server resources at
http://<ip of agent>

and before that:

2012-06-07 11:27:19,391 DEBUG [utils.ssh.SSHCmdHelper]
(catalina-exec-7:null) cloud-setup-agent  -m <ip of manager> -z 1 -p 1
-c 1 -g 6330f45e-
516e-3295-8cd7-029e41d8cbea -a --pubNic=cloudbr0 --prvNic=cloudbr0
--guestNic=cloudbr0 output:[OK]
Restore Network ...           to add your network configuration into
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts at first
Try to restore your system:

Checking the agent, the cloud-agent service is actually not running.
The only info in the setup log is that cloudbr0 does not exist.

Does this mean that we need to create the bridges by hand on the agent
? I did not see much info about this. I have a single br0 bridge

Do we need to edit /etc/cloud/agent/ by hand before
adding the host via the GUI ?

Thanks for the help,

Sebastien Goasguen

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