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From sebastien goasguen <>
Subject Re: Changing the IP Address of a Cloudstack VM
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 03:02:21 GMT
Hi Eric,

I have not tried it, but your use case reminds me of Amazon Elastic
IP. Maybe you can allocate an IP, associate it with the old VM and
when your new VM is ready, disassociate and reassociate with the new
VM. It does not change the IP, but maps one to a running VM.

I believe these ec2 API calls are available via cloudbridge.


On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 10:39 PM, Eric Reeves <> wrote:
> Is there a clean way to manually modify the IP address of an existing Cloudstack VM in
basic networking mode?  I'm not seeing anything in the API that looks like what I want exactly.
 I could mangle the DB manually and trigger a re-push to the virtual router, but that seems
a bit ugly…
> I see references to the IP in the following tables:
> nics
> usage_event
> user_ip_address
> vm_instance
> Here's my use case:  I am performing a conversion from a set of legacy block device
backed open source Xen VMs in to Cloudstack/vSphere for a Dev/QA lab.  My process is currently
to create a VM in CS with the same base OS, then run my magic rsync script that pushes everything
from the old VM to the new one (fixing things like fstab, mtab, network config, and grub.cfg
along the way).  Then I'll shut down the old VM, and I'd like to assign the old IP to the
new CS VM.
> Any thoughts on this?
> Thanks much in advance.
> Eric Reeves

Sebastien Goasguen, Associate Professor
Clemson University, USA

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