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From Ahmad Saif <>
Subject Re: Network offering issue
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2012 12:40:42 GMT
On 06/20/2012 06:49 PM, Alena Prokharchyk wrote:
> On 6/20/12 4:15 AM, "Ahmad Saif"<>  wrote:
>> I want to create a machine with 2 network cards, on network will be
>> nated and can be exposed directly to the intenet; and the other one will
>> be private only.
>> By default on advanced networking, when you create a new network it will
>> use the network offer "Offering for Isolated networks with Source Nat
>> service enabled". I've created another network service named "private"
>> with dhcp and firewall only. to use it for the 2nd network interface on
>> my vms.
>> the problem is I can't find my network offer when I create the instance,
>> also when I try to change the network offering after creating it form
>> the default to "Private" -the network I created- it give me the
>> following error :
>> DEBUG [] (Job-Executor-89:job-85)
>> Network offerings 8 and 7 have different values for specifyVlan, can't
>> upgrade
>> INFO  [cloud.api.ApiDispatcher] (Job-Executor-89:job-85) Can't upgrade
> >from network offering 7 to 8; check logs for more information
>> my case is very simple i need network with public IPs, and another one
>> with private ips only (no nating, no public ips)
> 1) specifyVlan on the network offering indicates if vlan has to be passed
> in at the network creation - this is the case for our Shared networks. For
> Isolated networks with the source nat service enabled we allocate Vlan at
> the network implementation stage, therefore vlan is not accepted at
> networkCreate, and specifyVlan=false for the network offerings like this.
> You can't perform the network offering upgrade if the new/original network
> offerings have different values for specifyVlan.
> 2) On deployVm dialog for network creation we present only Network
> offerings that are:
> * Isolated
> * Source Nat enabled
> Network of other types can be created only from Infrastructure page.
> -Alena.
Thanks Alane, I was able to create a shared network form the 
infrastructure "Network-guest" tab,
I've created a shared network with IPs "", now when I 
create the VM with 2 nic one on the private network "shared-network" and 
one on the "Isolated -source nated"
I've 2 default gateways


and I can't access internet through the sourc-nated interface !
any ideas ?
I need one interface to act as private "for database traffic" and the 
other one is public "for web traffic "

can you please help ?


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