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From Ahmad Saif <>
Subject Re: VPN Concurrent users
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 06:08:44 GMT
I've figured out the problem,
my problem was that I've limited the number of VPN users per account to 
3 users, then I've increased this number after a while.
but it seams that the router didn't get the update, so the IP range for 
the VPN users still unchanged and have only 3 IPs to offer.
that's why I wasn't able to get more than 3 concurrent users.
I've updated the router manually.


On 06/12/2012 07:18 PM, Chiradeep Vittal wrote:
> What is the error on the vpn client? What OS are the clients using?
> You can take a look at the logs on the virtual router by logging in so:
> The remote access VPN stack is ipsec / l2tp / ppp. The failure could be in
> any one of these layers
> Logs on the virtual router are
>   /var/log/messages ->  l2tp and ppp
>   /var/log/secure ->  ipsec
>   /var/log/cloud/cloud.log ->  CloudStack audit logs
> On 6/12/12 4:16 AM, "Ahmad Saif"<>  wrote:
>> I'm running Advanced networking CloudStack zone, and have a VPN with 8
>> users;
>> currently I can't have more than 3 user connecting at the same time, is
>> there any way to increase the number of concurrent users on the VPN ?
>> I've searched the global settings and the database and didn't find any
>> values.
>> Any one have a clue ?

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