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From Sam Robertson <>
Subject Re: Json related exception when invoking ec2 command
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 21:36:03 GMT
Hi Jose,

The error you are seeing here is related to CloudBridge not fully
supporting 3.0 CloudStack yet.  I'm fixing this and we will spin a new
release 1.1.1.  The problem, as you point out here is that CloudBridge
assumed the id was a pure numeric value, like it was in pre-3.0
CloudStack.  Although I've caught most of these and fixed them over the
past few weeks, there are still some loose ends in CloudBridge.

CloudBridge is being integrated within CloudStack, and although I've
attempted to support CloudStack 3.0 changes in CloudBridge, the real 3.0
support will be in the integrated version going forward.

I'll follow up on your other thread about run-instances in an advanced
networking scenario on that thread.


On 5/29/12 2:07 PM, "Jose Rozanec" <> wrote:

>./ec2-run-instances -z zone1 -n 1 -t m1.small --connection-timeout 120
>--request-timeout 120 208
>we are getting the following exception on the cloudbridge log:
>   1. returned:
>   2. 2012-05-29 14:46:35,852 DEBUG [cloud.stack.CloudStackClient]
>   (catalina-exec-11:) Unable to find responseObjName:[resourcelimit].
>    Returning null! Exception: The JsonDeserializer LongDeserializer
>failed to
>   deserialized json object "a93fb664-b4df-4839-abbb-0baea5acc940" given
>   type class java.lang.Long
>Full stack trace here:
>It seems it makes a request to do some validations related to resource
>limits. It gets a correct response, but it expects to get a long at
>not the uuid string, and this seems to break the call.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks in advance,
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