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From "" <>
Subject Re: CS 4.3发布了,准备试用吗?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 08:57:15 GMT
CloudStack V4.3 is the next feature release of the 4.x line which
first released on November 6, 2012. Some of the noteworthy new and
improved features include:

CloudStack V4.3 是自从2012年11月6日发布的4.x系列的最新版本。CldouStack V4.3增加了如下特性:

- Support for Microsoft Hyper-V - Apache CloudStack can now manage Hyper-V
  hypervisors in addition to KVM, XenServer, VMware, LXC, and Bare Metal
- Juniper OpenContrail integration - OpenContrail is a software defined
  networking controller from Juniper that CloudStack now integrates with
  to provide SDN services
   整合Juniper OpenContrail--
- SSL Termination support for guest VMs - Apache CloudStack can configure
  and manage SSL termination in certain load balancer devices
  Guest VMs可以使用SSL终端 Apache CloudStack可以在一些负责均衡设备上管理和配置SSL终端

- Palo Alto Firewall integration - Apache CloudStack can now manage and
  configure Palo Alto firewalls
  整合Palo ALto防火墙-Apache CloudSTack可以管理和配置Palo ALto防火墙。
- Remote access VPN for VPC networks - CloudStack's remote access VPN is
  now available for Virtual Private Cloud networks
  支持访问VPC(虚拟私有云)网络中的VPN服务 CloudStack现在支持访问在VPC(虚拟私有云)中创建的VPN服务。
- Site to Site VPN between VRs - CloudStack now allows site-to-site VPN
  connectivity to it's virtual routing devices. This permits your cloud
  computing environment to appear as a natural extension of your local
  network, or for you to easily interconnect multiple environments
  虚拟路由(VRs)之间支持Site to Site VPN。--CloudStack现在允许它的虚拟路由设备之间建立Site
Site VPN连接。通过此特性,你的云环境看上去是你的本地网络的自然扩充。你可以方便的在不同的网络之间建立连接。
- VXLAN support expansion to include KVM - CloudStack's support for
  integrating VXLAN, the network virtualization technology that attempts
  to ameliorate scalability problems with traditional networking
  VXLAN support expansion to include
- SolidFire plugin extension to support KVM and hypervisor snapshots for
XenServer and ESX - SolidFire provides guaranteed Storage Quality of
  Service at the Virtual Machine level
- Dynamic Compute offering - CloudStack now has the ability to dynamically
  scale the resources assigned to a running virtual machine instance for
  those hypervisors which support it

Downloads and Documentation

The official source code for the v4.3 release, as well as individual
contributors' convenience binaries, can be downloaded from the Apache
CloudStack downloads page at

The CloudStack 4.2 release includes over 110 issues from 4.2.0 and
4.2.1, including fixes for object storage support, documentation, and
more. A full list of corrected issues and upgrade instructions are
available in the Release Notes

Official installation, administration, and API documentation for each
release is available at
Apache CloudStack in Action

Join members of the Apache CloudStack community at the CloudStack
Collaboration Conference, taking place 9-11 April 2014 immediately
following ApacheCon. For more information, visit

Availability and Oversight

As with all Apache products, Apache CloudStack v4.3 is released under
the Apache License v2.0, and is overseen by a self-selected team of
active contributors to the project. A Project Management Committee
(PMC) guides the Project’s day-to-day operations, including community
development and product releases. For documentation and ways to become
involved with Apache CloudStack, visit


在 2014年3月26日 下午4:47,Liu Fred <> 写道:
> 有多少人准备试用这个版本的?生产还是测试?

白清杰 (Born Bai)



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