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From "" <>
Subject 回复: Re: 系统虚拟机安装报错
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 02:05:03 GMT
/opt目录是本地的目录,此处用于挂在nfs的共享目录 /export/secondary1

发件人: tanthalas
发送时间: 2013-11-19 09:59
收件人: users-cn
主题: Re: 系统虚拟机安装报错

/opt 这个目录是你的nfs共享目录,或者是挂载路径吗?

刘宇超  Richard Liu

发送时间: 2013-11-18  19:33:58 
收件人: users-cn 
主题: 系统虚拟机安装报错 
XenServer6.0.2+CS3.0.5  安装系统虚拟机报错,但是有提示完成。什么情况?之前的安装怎么没有出现过呢
[root@master ~]# /usr/lib64/cloud/agent/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt
-m   /opt  -f  /root/acton-systemvm-02062012.vhd.bz2 -h  xenserver  -F
Uncompressing to /usr/lib64/cloud/agent/scripts/storage/secondary/bc979997-91de-4623-8a71-c580dc37e6e5.vhd.tmp
(type bz2)...could take a long time
Moving to /opt/template/tmpl/1/1///bc979997-91de-4623-8a71-c580dc37e6e5.vhd...could take a
mv: failed to preserve ownership for `//opt/template/tmpl/1/1///bc979997-91de-4623-8a71-c580dc37e6e5.vhd':
Invalid argument
Successfully installed system VM template /root/acton-systemvm-02062012.vhd.bz2 to /opt/template/tmpl/1/1/
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