We have an agreement in principle to co-locate this years Cloudstack conference with Apachecon

Montreal  24-25 September

As last year in Miami, we will be having a “conference in a conference” – so tickets will allow people to experience the whole Apachecon event


There are still some details still to work out (on the name, exact format and exactly what facilities we can have), but the key thing right now  is to get talks  submitted. We’re using the Apachecon CFP:


I apologise for the short notice, but the CFP closes on March 30.

There is no way to tell the CFP that you are submitting something specifically for Cloudstack – so please tag your talk title with “[Cloudstack]:talk name”


There is lots to do around sponsorship, exact format, etc but the key deadline this stage is to get plenty of talks submitted


Other things worth considering:

  1. We will need a panel to sift/select talks. Wido led on this last year. MikeT, do you want to lead this year ?
  2. It will be important that we encourage interested companies to help sponsor the event. Anybody who think their company may sponsor, please ping Kevin A. McGrail


Kind regards